She is painting energy!! They ARE beautiful energy given form.  Wonderful!”

D. H-J.


Energy that almost leaps off the canvas. With a sinuous craft, the magic is a mixture of aggressive colors and subtle composition. Her work speaks for itself as the message is one of a demanding appreciation and recognition for an original voice.



Timothea’s art is a visceral experience not easy to describe. It strums the senses like a musical chord. As well as beautiful to see, her art was like watching music and sensing it in my body. I could almost hear the sound of what that music would be.  Looking at her paintings had a healing effect on me. Not the typical experience in a work of art.



I saw the three paintings as a doorway or portal into another dimension.  

As I looked at the colors in the columns, they vibrated and I experienced them moving vertically until they seemed to dissolve into white light, and I experienced that vibrating light drawing me in. They have a beautiful, resonating energy, and I love the colors!

What a joy it was to experience your paintings in person!



Standing in front of those wonderful paintings I could feel the light energy they emanate. It touched my soul in a very clear and profound way, yet so gently, like a very sweet loving caress.

The immense gold square elicited in me the sense of vastness space and possibilities that lie inside; I felt standing in front of the source of all that is.



Chant your tone art I say. 



You can't help but feel a vibration from the vivid, bright colors - they seem to chant OM when you're near them. Time after time viewing them they continued to move me bringing water to my eyes. The gratitude and love vibration pours from them. 

I will make quite sure to own one and have it in my living space as I enjoy their presence so much! 

Though they'd look great in a chic hotel lobby, I'd love to see them be shown at a yoga studio -- my impulse is to move and practice in front of their loud and loving mantra.